A few words from our customers:

We've  contacted the Integrated Fuel company to design a fuel management  system for our older 105' motor vessel. The Windows based system has  been working flawlessly therefore removing any stress regarding whether  or not we still have fuel in our tanks. This is a great system that is  reliable and precise, I give it a big thumbs up.  
 Marc-André Gosselin, Captain
 M/Y Pirate Radio
 November 2016 

 We  order PLC based monitoring systems (tank levels and engines) from  Integrated Fuel for all the new Hamptons we sell. This system instills  confidence in our customers and is very accurate and reliable. We even  monitor the raw water pump temperature. The pump will get very hot and  destroy the impeller if a plastic bag gets ingested. If this happens an  adjustable alarm will notify the operator. We highly  recommend Integrated Fuel's products and services.
Captain Forest Roberts
Hampton Yachts
Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 

 Dear Mr. Mitchell,
I  would like to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing me to  your line of analog to digital fuel and water quantity gauges.  As you  know, before we installed your instruments, we had rather inaccurate and  hard to read analog fuel and water tank gauges.   We cruise the Bahamas  several months a year and prefer to buy our fuel in Ft. Lauderdale  where it typically costs around two dollars per gallon less than in the  Bahamas.  Due to the inaccuracy and associated  guesswork related to the  use of the old instruments,  we had to  carry more fuel than we  actually needed.  After we installed your digital gauges, we were  finally able, with great confidence, to buy all of our cruising fuel in  Ft. Lauderdale,  saving money and having peace of mind.  Thank you for  the wonderful up-grade.
Matt Griffin
Owner – Infinity.
65 Foot Fairline Yacht 

 Integrated  Fuel is headed by an electrical engineer and it really shows - I would  certainly recommend and encourage the use of any products and/or  relationship offered by Integrated Fuel.
Peter Fowler
Captain M/V Longevity
2000 to 2010                                 For a complete report on this boat see below 


Regarding M/Y Longevity  -  Shelter Island 50 designed by Doug Zurn

After  running my boss's brand new boat out of fuel offshore (due to  inaccurate fuel gauges), it seemed it was time to seek professional  advice. There is only one group that designs, builds and installs their  own fuel monitoring and engine gauges that I knew of (then Bravo Delta  Engineering now Integrated Fuel Management). We ordered from them a  complete set of high resolution, round, analog engine gauges. We also  ordered 3 fuel gauges and one custom, high resolution, 4”, round Trim  Tab indicator containing two adjacent pointers.

We  hid the MAN engine electronic displays from view as the analog gauges  are so much easier to read and much more attractive. These gauges have  an unheard of 250 degree resolution and performed flawlessly over a 6  year period of brutal punishment induced by vibration and shock  generated by sustained 40 to 50 knot speeds in all conditions covering  52,000 nautical miles. The shock was so bad on one trip the air  conditioning compressors were torn off the brackets. The boss and I have  a need for speed and sometimes the boat was out of the water as much as  it was in. The gauges were built (and still are) by Hoyt in New  Hampshire. All signal conditioning for these gauges was designed and  built (and still is) here in Ft. Lauderdale. Only the best and strongest  equipment could survive on Longevity.

The fuel gauges were so  accurate and of such high resolution that I constantly amazed marina  dock hands by telling them exactly how much fuel we would take - my  number was usually within 4 or 5 gallons (we held 900 gallons). I was  never afraid to run the boat until the fuel gauges read zero. Knowing  exactly how much fuel we had reduced the number of fuel stops we had to  make when on a tight schedule and/or a long passage. Running light on  fuel also helped our speed. Our whole operation was made possible by  those fuel gauges.

High resolution engine sensors were added to  the engines to drive the new meters. The original MAN system was left  intact. The gauge guys modified the original trim tab sensors to provide  a high resolution output by changing the 10 turn pot to a 1 turn pot -  price for the new pot was $12 and made all the difference in the world!  Just touching the tab motor controls for a second would change the  readings on the trim tab gauges. At 50 knots, the position of these tabs  is critical. I considered this tab position info to be a very real  safety factor and relied heavily on this display - it never failed. It  was comforting to know you are really in control. Experimenting is not  an option with 2600 hp pushing the boat at those speeds.

Part of  the installation service provided was a detailed documentation package  of the monitoring and fuel alarm system. Integrated Fuel is headed by an  electrical engineer and it really shows - I would certainly recommend  and encourage the use of any products and/or relationship offered by  Integrated Fuel.
Peter Fowler
Captain M/V Longevity
2000 to 2010